Profiling Always on Digitally Connected Consumers

Experian have published some interesting and useful research.

“… it highlights how brands need to evolve their marketing strategies to engage customers based on their platform choices and preferences to deliver co-ordinated and consistent customer experiences regardless of channel.  Importantly, it also highlights that while they may all be super-connected, Always On consumers are distinct and different and so need to be engaged on an individual basis.”

They analyse their findings for the four customer types across 8 headings:

  1. Cross-platform devices and activities
  2. Online vs. traditional content consumption habits
  3. Mobile
  4. Shopping
  5. Leisure
  6. Media and advertising
  7. What makes them unique?
  8. Demographic profile

In summary (primarily courtesy of Newsline) they conclude (links to comprehensive details / downloadable pdf data sheets)

Social ButterflyData Sheet (pdf) 

  • Three times more likely to access social networks across every connected device
  • 70% more likely to use a tablet than the average consumer
  • Five times more likely to access social networks via their mobile device
  • Four times more likely to consume news on their mobile
  • Twice as likely to purchase products advertised on their mobile

Everything TechData Sheet (pdf)

  • 6 out of 10 use tablets to connect on a regular basis.
  • 60% purchase a product they see advertised on their mobile device
  • 63% more likely to have used a tablet recently
  • Streams video content across all connected devices on a regular basis
  • Ten times more likely to be interested in receiving mobile ads
  • 64% are willing to accept adverts on their device if they were to receive something of value in exchange
  • Four times more likely to switch mobile phone service providers if they can offer the latest handsets and technology
  • Six times more likely to trust the product information they get from social networks over other sources

Working Professional Data Sheet  (pdf)

  • 80% less likely to want to receive adverts on their phone
  • Three times more likely to see the importance of having Internet access on the go
  • Four times more likely to read the news on their mobile
  • 50% less likely to purchase products they see advertised on sites
  • 32% would be interested in services that let them use their phone to purchase in store

GamerData sheet (pdf) 

  • More likely than average consumers to game on 7 out of 8 game-enabled devices
  • 7% less likely to read a newspaper and 9% less likely to read a magazine – the lowest of all groups
  • 90% more likely to purchase a product advertised on their mobile
  • 60% more likely to buy a product as a result of celebrity endorsement

Helpful Marketing info as ever from Experian

Sources: Experian, MediatelNewsline


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