The UK Heads Europe on Internet Purchases

As part of their annual “Internet Access – Households and Individuals, 2013”(pdf)  The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have included the above map showing country comparisons. We added the %’s. It relates to the UK and is sourced from Eurostat pdf.

Elsewhere as far as GB is concerned we seem to regularly score in the 70’s and 80’s percentage wise:

  • 83% of households have internet access
  • 73% of adults (16+) access the internet every day
  • 72% of adults have bought goods or services over the internet

The goods and services we buy analysed by popularity and sex we thought rather interesting with men outstripping women in 14 out of the 19 total categories. We think the category choice is significant with quite a bias towards electronics software etc etc.

Much more to be found in the ONS analysis.

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