Kindle Tablets number 3 Worldwide

Canalys have released their quarter 2 branded tablet shipment estimates which predictably have Apple at number 1 and Samsung as runners up but surprisingly, to us, Amazon in third position with a highly respectable  figure of over 1.5 million unit shipments.

We have only seen one other estimate by brand to date which was Digitimes who didn’t have Amazon in the top 5. Unfortunately no specific units were quoted.

The other noteworthy finding we think is the virtual collapse in Apple shipments compared to the others in that Apple fell 14.2% compared to quarter 2 last year whereas all shipments excluding Apple increased by 184% and the chasing pack of  4 increased by 284%.

Canalys comment “Apple’s decline in shipments and share has been partly attributed to its aging portfolio. But Canalys believes that new product launches will have less impact on its shipments in future. ‘When Apple does decide to refresh its iPad range it will not experience the buzz of previous launches,’ said Canalys Analyst James Wang. ‘Tablets are now mainstream products and hardware innovation is increasingly difficult. With branded Android tablets available for less than $150, the PC market has never been so good for consumers, who are voting with their wallets.’ The move to smaller tablets has sparked a price war that has real consequences for the entire supply chain. These products generate little absolute margin for channel partners, vendors or component manufacturers. Content, applications and accessories (especially cases and keyboards) are now even more important to boost margins – areas where Apple remains a leader.”

Canalys estimate that android overtook iOS in market share terms with 53% of the market. We are sure that if white box tablets were added then the iOS proportion would be around a third.

“Canalys estimates that 68% of tablets shipped in Q2 had a screen size smaller than 9″.” We reckon that this equates to 23.3 million branded tablets and again if one were to add the white box split we’re sure it would move the figure to above 75%. How times have changed! 

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