Nearly 50% of a day is spent on Media Consumption

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eMarketer have just produced some research showing that in the US adults will likely, on a daily basis, for the first time spend more time viewing Digital as opposed to TV content this year and in total media consumption  (with a bit of double counting for double screening/meshing) now stands at an impressive  11 hours 52 minutes a day.

We found in particular two parts of the research interesting:

  • Smartphone vs Tablet usage
  • Mobile (nonvoice) growth



It looks as if tablet usage is set to overtake smartphone usage in the near future and in absolute terms now takes up just under 9% of our media consumption day.

Looking at the growth of Mobile and the constituents of the overall media consumption in this decade it looks to us as if Mobile (nonvoice) is the only growth area with declines in Print, Radio (a little) and Other (including digital). By and large TV and Online are flat.

Our graph is expressed in hours and proportions of an hour (as opposed to minutes).

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