Are you a Mesher or a Stacker or simply just Multi-task?

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Ofcom analyse these activities in their weighty report (436 pages – UK version) released today by Ofcom the Communications Market Report 2013 pdf . This is the 10th annual edition!  

“ … media meshing is conducting activities or communicating via other devices while watching television; these activities are related to the television programme being watched.

Media stacking describes doing activities on, or communicating via, other devices on issues not related to the television programme currently being watched.

Combined, they make up media multi-tasking”

Now if we have a look at the overall scenario in the UK nearly 2//3 of us multi task apparently with more meshers than stackers!

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The meshers of Wales lead the UK but the Stakers of Northern Ireland dominate!

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Obviously much much more to digest in this mammoth report

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