More than 80% of connected TV owners continue to dual screen

Following a study by Display Search they conclude that 15% of tablet owners and 35% of smartphone owners never view online TV content on their devices. The primary reason is that they prefer the larger TV screen. Of course that means that, for at least some of the time, the huge majority of tablet owners (85%) do and a healthy majority of smartphone owners (65%) do as well.

Our dual screening habits across 15 countries showed that 88% of tablet owners and 82% of smartphone owners used their devices whilst watching TV. “Email, Web browsing, texting, Facebook, and weather were among the top applications accessed….”

“The percentage of consumers who watch online content on their mobile devices instead of TVs also varies greatly depending on the type of market. For example, while 60% of connected-TV owners in the US, France, Italy, and other mature markets sometimes watch content on a tablet PC, but the number jumped to 72% in emerging markets such as Brazil, China, and India.”

The NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Multi-Screen Usage Study is based on more than 15,000 surveys of connected-TV owners across the following 15 global markets: Brazil, China (Urban), France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, UK, US, and Vietnam. The survey focused on consumers who currently own a connected or smart flat panel TV (either with the TV’s internal connectivity or external connectivity options), as well as a tablet or a smartphone.

It’s nearly Time for Smartwatches

Canalys have just started forecasting shipment estimates for smartwatches and it looks as if its going to be another explosive market.

They estimate shipments as follows:

  • 2012 –    330,000
  • 2013 –    500,000+
  • 2014  - 5,000,000+

They also estimate that the traditional watches market in 2012 was over a billion in shipment/sales terms.

“Canalys defines smart watches as smart wearable bands. Smart wearable bands are multi-purpose devices that can run third-party computing applications and are designed to be worn on the body, and not carried.”

Wikipedia expands on the subject.

Sony & Motorola were the early leaders but this year the remarkable Pebble  having raised ove $10 million on Kickstarter will join them and per their blog have already shipped over 93,000 watches since the beginning of the year. In addition they have according to some  obtained preorders for a further 190,000. BestBuy in the US are starting to stock them and a rather thoughtful article on what they are and what they are not from Forbes is well worth reading.

It looks as if most of  the consumer electronics majors (eg Samsung, Apple and Google) will enter the fray.

Style, some say, will be a key feature so arguably Apple may yet again be a market leader although it is rumoured that their product iWatch (?) may not arrive until 2014.  

The Pebble at $150 looks a bit utilitarian to us but at this early stage is the market trailblazer. UK retail availability looks minimalist on an initial trwl with a supplier offering an orange version at £250!

We’ll leave you with Pebble’s video.

Challenging Digital Teenagers

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Nominet are helping you to understand them through their knowthenet site where they have a Challenge  for adults/parents to test themselves!. Of the eight questions 50% are sort of, text/netspeak acronyms. So if you are not up there with your LOL’s you may be struggling!

 They also have produced a rather large infographic to help you along the way. Challenge first & then infographic – no cheating please unless you’re a teenager in which case you won’t need to!

iProspect (one of our favourite agencies) on the other hand are researching teenagers (US) habits with a view to helping companies better market to them. One pretty incredible finding they highlight is that 75% of teens send on average send 60 text messages a day!

TV still rules the roost but engagement seems to be the name of the game.


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Brands they conclude must be:

  1. Flexible & fast
  2. Current & relevant
  3. Crowdsourcing
  4. Interesting
  5. Visually creative to aid quick consumption of content


There’s a nice little e-book (No boundaries:…) with all the facts and figures and another infographic for you to peruse at your leisure!

Tablet vs PC Crossover getting ever Closer

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IDC released last week their quarter 2 PC shipments estimates (75.6 million) and they are virtually flat with quarter 1 (76.3) of this year and some 11.2% down on 2012 (85.4).

Their top 5 are:

  1. Lenovo (12.6)
  2. HP (12.4)
  3. Dell (9.2)
  4. Acer (6.2)
  5. Asus (4.6)

Our primary interest is , of course, looking at these shipment comparesd to tablets and the crossover looks to have come in by almost a quarter compared to our last estimate.

On the tablet front strong “white box” sales are anticipated by IHS and although Microsofts reduction of its Surface RT prices by some $150 may help shift some more product we doubt its likely to gain significant market share.

On the pricing front we couldn’t help noticing that Blackberry have slashed the price of their Z10 down to $49 – WOW!

On a seasonal note we still think that Tablet & PC shipments in quarter 4 this year will be running neck & neck – we shall see!

Health warning – shipment estimates are regularly revised & hence may not correspond – we generally us the latest avalable quarterly/annual information

Keep an I on our Week (Ashes – Trent Bridge edition)

Our top couple of articles this week were:

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  2. The Future is here on July 24th

This years Tech Rich List is still a popular view and our Ref Arrows opening this Ashes series at 10.58am on July 10 was popular so we’ll leave you with that and a hero and a victim of the first two days play!

Our header picture is of the cricket artist Jocelyn Galsworthy who will be painting the series!


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The Future will be Here on 24th July

Well to be a little more precise an innovative exhibition called “the Future is Here” will be taking place at The Design Museum in London (SE1 2YD) from 24th  July through 29th October.

 It’s a collaboration with the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board ,

 “In a highly experimental move the museum will house the first ‘Factory’ of its kind where visitors can discover how 3D printing works and witness live production.”

Boris Johnson has spoken and said:

 The latest Design Museum exhibition shows how manufacturing and the relationship between designer and customer could change in a very short space of time. Our city’s future prosperity depends on the ability to stay at the forefront of innovation. With the most creative designers based here and a burgeoning technology sector, London is well-placed to maximise the potential of links between design and technology, which will become increasingly important as we compete on the global stage.’

They have had to close the first floor (and reduce entrance prices for about a fortnight) to install all the exhibits so it looks as though it could be as impressive as it sounds. Well worth a visit just to see the 23D printer in action we think!

You can book your tickets in advance from their site.

How Media reporting of the Internet differs in Print & Online

Nominet in connection with the announcement of its Internet Awards 2013 winners  commissioned a couple of studies one of which was Media Analysis of the Internet  by Precise (pdf) which looked at  UK Media coverage of the internet as reflected in 1,000 articles published both in print & online over  the period from May 2012 to May 2013. Neutral articles and passing comments were ignored. The conclusion was that 24% of the articles were positive and 76% negative.

The other report by Opinion Research (Consumer Attitudes to the Internetpdf) looked at how the UK Consumer (both adults & children) regarded it. “The majority (87%) of those aged 13 and over say that overall the internet has had a positive impact on their life compared to a mere 2% who say it has had a negative impact”.

So adding A & B together in our words the British “media” give it a bad press but the British public regard it as life enhancing!

We wonder what any analysis of media coverage on a, sort of, generic topic might show as we all know that no news is good news!

Click to enlarge

We have looked (by inspection) at the Publications by Sentiment graphic and recast it on a net basis.

Whilst interesting in itself with only 5 of the 20 being in the black what we thought was rather fascinating was how the online and print attitudes from the same stable differed.



Net Article Sentiment (Negative)
Online Print
FT (5) 16
Independent (37) 2
Guardian (11) (40)
Telegraph (45) (16)
Mail (55) (41)
Source: Precise June 2013
Compilation: Incl estimates


So ALL of the majors except the Guardian had a significantly more negative stance when reporting the internet online than they did in their print publications! Well well!

Incidentally however one regards the Mail we find it difficult to believe that it did not have in its online version one single positive story on the internet in a year! Perhaps they would like to comment!

Tablet Key Feature requirements greater than Smartphones

eDigitalResearch   and Portaltech Reply  have just produced their fourth annual study of the Role of Mobile in Retail Commerce and for the first time have considerer tablets.

“The purpose of the research was to look at the role of mobile in the shopping experience from a consumer perspective.

The key objectives were:

  • To gain an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour when browsing and shopping across multiple channels.
  • To look at how consumers are currently engaging with their mobile devices and how this is changing.
  • To determine the role and opportunity for mobile in retail commerce.
  • To establish the future role and applications of mobile as a commerce, marketing and communication tool for retailers and brands.”

Tablets (79%) again seem to be ahead of smartphones (66%) for direct purchases and they are used more frequently – “… 35% reportedly do so on a daily basis compared to just 29% of smartphone owners”.

Whilst overall the mobile “invasion” of retail seems to be slowing in some areas “Almost one third (32%) of mobile shoppers are purchasing items on a weekly basis, a number which has almost doubled from this time last year”.

The Key Features between devices interested us. In response to the question  “What key features they are keen to see on mobile sites and apps when shopping and browsing from their devices “ whilst the same features figured in every instance tablets had a higher response rate in every feature and navigation scored at more than double the rate on tablets compared to smartphones. We think this generally reflects the higher quality requirement expected of a tablet compared to a smartphone.  

Their white Paper is downloadable on registration

“The research was conducted via an online survey which was emailed to an external panel provider to a nationally representative sample between 16th – 17th April 2013. 1,011 responses were collected in total; 684 by smartphone owners and 327 from those consumers with an ‘ordinary’ phone without smartphone functionality.”

Keep an I on our Week (Murray Mayhem & Gromit edition)


Our top three articles this week were:

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  3. The Implied Consent of Nominet’s Second Level Domain Registration Proposals

This years Tech Rich List continues its popularity.

Its been a bit of a Nominet week with the announcement of their new consultation, the naming of their Chief Executive Leslie Crowther as the fifth most influential woman in IT in the UK and them having a bit of a pop at the British Media! Congratulations to her on the achievement but as you can read elsewhere we still have major reservations on the consultation communications side!

Locally about 80 Gromits are appearing around our city  and our header also apparently has a Murray supporter in the background although we think there may have been a little rebranding involved here!

Andy Murray & his partner Kim Sears are doggy people and a trip to Maggie May  is recommended and Kim’s website will also likely appeal to the like minded community!

We wish them both the very best for Sunday although we have to admit to admiring @DjokerNole  also!