The Tile with a shelf life

A rather clever development, crowdfunded using Selfstarter, which has raised nearly $2.7 million from just under 50,000 backers and is now available for preorder throughout the EU & Australia/New Zealand (+ North America of course) using Amazon payments. They are due to ship winter 2013/14.

In a mix of our and their words it is basically an iOS compatible “lost and found” device which “keeps track of your stuff” via their app. It’s attachable, stickable, waterproof and has a speaker.

It uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology and its individual range is 50-150 feet but this is expandable through thetileapp community.

Ten tiles per account and the tiles last for a year + you will be informed when they are due to be retired so you can replace them with the latest versions.

$18.95 each + volume discounts and an Eu shipping charge of $14 – But just think how much they could save you both financially and timewise!

No plans for android, Blackberry or Windows Phone versions unless/until a while after they support Bluetooth 4.0. 

We’ll leave you with their promo video

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