Tablet shipments to be over 250 million this year

Both Strategy Analytics and Display Search have just produced their latest tablet shipment estimates and they are, to say the least, impressive!

For quarter 2 Strategy Analytics estimate a figure of over 50 million which we think is a first outside of the traditional bonanza in quarter 4 every year. It also shows an increase on quarter 1 of some 27% and is as they report 43% up on quarter 2 of last year. For the year to date it looks as if there is an increase of around 68% on last year.

They quote a “branded” figure of 36.2 million which is well ahead of yesterdays Digitimes figure of 29.3 million. The white box percentage of branded we calculate to be 42.8% or 30% of the total.

Display Search have forecast tablet shipments through 2017 and by inspection the 2013 figure is well over the 250 million level and might be as high as 275 million.

If this higher figure is achieved then sales in quarter 4 could well exceed PC’s as we have mentioned before.

Their other graphic (our header) splits sales by screen size and shows the dominance of the minis both currently and through 2017 when they look to be at a lower than 30% figure.

 Interesting times & more to follow!

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