Worldwide Tablet shipments year to date up by over 40%

Digitimes have just released their quarter 2 global estimates and they virtually show branded tablet shipments (their figures exclude “white box” shipments) almost flat lining between Q1 and Q2.

Back in December last year they forecast annual Branded shipments to be 140 million this year and 210 million including white box shipments. So whilst it’s a complete guess we might be looking at total shipments around the 45 million level.

The ranking of suppliers this / (last) quarter they give as:

  1. Apple (1)
  2. Samsung (2)
  3. Asustek (6)
  4. Lenovo (8)
  5. Acer (5)

Notable by their absence are Google (3) and Microsoft (4). Barnes & Noble (Nook) are unsurprisingly unmentioned.

They also give unusually a processor ranking:

  1. Apple
  2. Texas Instruments
  3. MediaTek
  4. Nvidia
  5. Samsung
  6. Intel

We’ve updated this & last quarters averages and await developments with interest!

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