Apple tablet market share well below 40%

That’s according to WitsView  who have bravely brought out their Quarter 2 global shipment estimates 2 days after Apple released their results including their actual product sales figures. By & large we think their Apple market share is there or there abouts.

To get the WitsView estimates into the perspective of other forecasters we have updated our Q1 averages with their inclusion. They were in the top 2 behind IDC. Again on the calibration from they currently forecast a 2013 total of 196.5 million units which is 10% ish lower than the latest IDC forecast we’ve seen of 229 million.

So they are showing a 12.4% drop from Q1 which is, sort of,  what we expected. We do think their years forecast is on the low side implying around 60 million units in the historically bumper Q4.

Some of their comments we found rather interesting:

  •  “Apple … saw its 9.7” iPad entering the end of life cycle in Q2”
  •  “Amazon’s 2013 new models are all concentrated after September and the brand is in an empty-product period, “
  • “Google’s … Nexus 7 had the 1st generation approach the end of life cycle in Q2 and saw a significantly dropping shipment. The single-quarter shipment will bounce back to more than 2 million units in Q3 as the 2nd generation product is projected to ship smoothly.”
  • “… several highly-anticipated models will be revealed in Q3, including Apple’s heavyweight Generation 5 iPad and the new Android 10.1” tablet”

We await the other forecasters estimates and opinions with baited breath! 

Meanwhile here’s the promo video for the new Nexus 7 which we rather liked. It’s due for shipment in the US around July 31 but is billed as “coming soon” in the UK. In the meantime you can preorder it over at Currys for £199.99 with availability for you lucky buyers from Friday the 13th of September!

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