Challenging Digital Teenagers

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Nominet are helping you to understand them through their knowthenet site where they have a Challenge  for adults/parents to test themselves!. Of the eight questions 50% are sort of, text/netspeak acronyms. So if you are not up there with your LOL’s you may be struggling!

 They also have produced a rather large infographic to help you along the way. Challenge first & then infographic – no cheating please unless you’re a teenager in which case you won’t need to!

iProspect (one of our favourite agencies) on the other hand are researching teenagers (US) habits with a view to helping companies better market to them. One pretty incredible finding they highlight is that 75% of teens send on average send 60 text messages a day!

TV still rules the roost but engagement seems to be the name of the game.


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Brands they conclude must be:

  1. Flexible & fast
  2. Current & relevant
  3. Crowdsourcing
  4. Interesting
  5. Visually creative to aid quick consumption of content


There’s a nice little e-book (No boundaries:…) with all the facts and figures and another infographic for you to peruse at your leisure!

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