Tablet vs PC Crossover getting ever Closer

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IDC released last week their quarter 2 PC shipments estimates (75.6 million) and they are virtually flat with quarter 1 (76.3) of this year and some 11.2% down on 2012 (85.4).

Their top 5 are:

  1. Lenovo (12.6)
  2. HP (12.4)
  3. Dell (9.2)
  4. Acer (6.2)
  5. Asus (4.6)

Our primary interest is , of course, looking at these shipment comparesd to tablets and the crossover looks to have come in by almost a quarter compared to our last estimate.

On the tablet front strong “white box” sales are anticipated by IHS and although Microsofts reduction of its Surface RT prices by some $150 may help shift some more product we doubt its likely to gain significant market share.

On the pricing front we couldn’t help noticing that Blackberry have slashed the price of their Z10 down to $49 – WOW!

On a seasonal note we still think that Tablet & PC shipments in quarter 4 this year will be running neck & neck – we shall see!

Health warning – shipment estimates are regularly revised & hence may not correspond – we generally us the latest avalable quarterly/annual information

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