The Future will be Here on 24th July

Well to be a little more precise an innovative exhibition called “the Future is Here” will be taking place at The Design Museum in London (SE1 2YD) from 24th  July through 29th October.

 It’s a collaboration with the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board ,

 “In a highly experimental move the museum will house the first ‘Factory’ of its kind where visitors can discover how 3D printing works and witness live production.”

Boris Johnson has spoken and said:

 The latest Design Museum exhibition shows how manufacturing and the relationship between designer and customer could change in a very short space of time. Our city’s future prosperity depends on the ability to stay at the forefront of innovation. With the most creative designers based here and a burgeoning technology sector, London is well-placed to maximise the potential of links between design and technology, which will become increasingly important as we compete on the global stage.’

They have had to close the first floor (and reduce entrance prices for about a fortnight) to install all the exhibits so it looks as though it could be as impressive as it sounds. Well worth a visit just to see the 23D printer in action we think!

You can book your tickets in advance from their site.

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