How Media reporting of the Internet differs in Print & Online

Nominet in connection with the announcement of its Internet Awards 2013 winners  commissioned a couple of studies one of which was Media Analysis of the Internet  by Precise (pdf) which looked at  UK Media coverage of the internet as reflected in 1,000 articles published both in print & online over  the period from May 2012 to May 2013. Neutral articles and passing comments were ignored. The conclusion was that 24% of the articles were positive and 76% negative.

The other report by Opinion Research (Consumer Attitudes to the Internetpdf) looked at how the UK Consumer (both adults & children) regarded it. “The majority (87%) of those aged 13 and over say that overall the internet has had a positive impact on their life compared to a mere 2% who say it has had a negative impact”.

So adding A & B together in our words the British “media” give it a bad press but the British public regard it as life enhancing!

We wonder what any analysis of media coverage on a, sort of, generic topic might show as we all know that no news is good news!

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We have looked (by inspection) at the Publications by Sentiment graphic and recast it on a net basis.

Whilst interesting in itself with only 5 of the 20 being in the black what we thought was rather fascinating was how the online and print attitudes from the same stable differed.



Net Article Sentiment (Negative)
Online Print
FT (5) 16
Independent (37) 2
Guardian (11) (40)
Telegraph (45) (16)
Mail (55) (41)
Source: Precise June 2013
Compilation: Incl estimates


So ALL of the majors except the Guardian had a significantly more negative stance when reporting the internet online than they did in their print publications! Well well!

Incidentally however one regards the Mail we find it difficult to believe that it did not have in its online version one single positive story on the internet in a year! Perhaps they would like to comment!

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