Tablet Key Feature requirements greater than Smartphones

eDigitalResearch   and Portaltech Reply  have just produced their fourth annual study of the Role of Mobile in Retail Commerce and for the first time have considerer tablets.

“The purpose of the research was to look at the role of mobile in the shopping experience from a consumer perspective.

The key objectives were:

  • To gain an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour when browsing and shopping across multiple channels.
  • To look at how consumers are currently engaging with their mobile devices and how this is changing.
  • To determine the role and opportunity for mobile in retail commerce.
  • To establish the future role and applications of mobile as a commerce, marketing and communication tool for retailers and brands.”

Tablets (79%) again seem to be ahead of smartphones (66%) for direct purchases and they are used more frequently – “… 35% reportedly do so on a daily basis compared to just 29% of smartphone owners”.

Whilst overall the mobile “invasion” of retail seems to be slowing in some areas “Almost one third (32%) of mobile shoppers are purchasing items on a weekly basis, a number which has almost doubled from this time last year”.

The Key Features between devices interested us. In response to the question  “What key features they are keen to see on mobile sites and apps when shopping and browsing from their devices “ whilst the same features figured in every instance tablets had a higher response rate in every feature and navigation scored at more than double the rate on tablets compared to smartphones. We think this generally reflects the higher quality requirement expected of a tablet compared to a smartphone.  

Their white Paper is downloadable on registration

“The research was conducted via an online survey which was emailed to an external panel provider to a nationally representative sample between 16th – 17th April 2013. 1,011 responses were collected in total; 684 by smartphone owners and 327 from those consumers with an ‘ordinary’ phone without smartphone functionality.”

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