Keep an I on our Week (Murray Mayhem & Gromit edition)


Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Two thirds Worldwide eCommerce sales generated by Four Countries
  2. Apply yourself to the direct UK proposals
  3. The Implied Consent of Nominet’s Second Level Domain Registration Proposals

This years Tech Rich List continues its popularity.

Its been a bit of a Nominet week with the announcement of their new consultation, the naming of their Chief Executive Leslie Crowther as the fifth most influential woman in IT in the UK and them having a bit of a pop at the British Media! Congratulations to her on the achievement but as you can read elsewhere we still have major reservations on the consultation communications side!

Locally about 80 Gromits are appearing around our city  and our header also apparently has a Murray supporter in the background although we think there may have been a little rebranding involved here!

Andy Murray & his partner Kim Sears are doggy people and a trip to Maggie May  is recommended and Kim’s website will also likely appeal to the like minded community!

We wish them both the very best for Sunday although we have to admit to admiring @DjokerNole  also!

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