Top Women in UK IT

Computer Weekly yesterday published their “25 most influential women in UK IT 2013

 They are with links to various bios articles & info (Wikipedia if available)

  1. Joanne Shields  – CEO & Chair of Tech City Investment Organisation
  2. Denise McDonagh  CTO, Home Office
  3. Catherine Doran   -  CIO, Royal Mail Group
  4. Wendy Hall  –  Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton
  5. Lesley Cowley - CEO, Nominet
  6. Angela Morrison CIO, Direct Line Group
  7. Martha Lane Fox Chair of Go On UK
  8. Chi Onwurah  – Shadow Cyber Security Minister,
  9. Susan Cooklin  –  CIO, Network Rail
  10. Polly Gowers  –  CEO Everyclick
  11. Sue Black   – Senior Research Associate, University College London
  12. Cathryn Riley  –  Group COO, Aviva
  13. Lyn Grobler  – VP and CIO, It Strategy & Corporate functions at BP
  14. Gillian Arnold  –  Chair of BCS Women
  15. Kate Craig-Wood  – Managing Director, Memset
  16. Jacqueline de Rojas  –  VP and General Manager, UK and Ireland, at CA Technologies
  17. Aileen Allkins  –  VP Worldwide software support, HP
  18. Claire Vyvyan  –  General manager and Executive Director, Large Institutions, Dell UK
  19. Bernadette Wightman  –  Managing Director, Partner Organisation, Emerging Markets, Cisco
  20. Cary Marsh  – CEO,
  21. Lesley Sewell -  CIO, Post Office
  22. Ursula Morgenstern CEO, Atos UK & Ireland
  23. Jenny Griffiths  –  CEO, Snap Fashion
  24. Lucy Dimes  –  CEO, Alcatel Lucent UK
  25. Kirstin Duffield Managing Director, Morning Data

The panel selected the 25 with some help fron voting readers. The panel also choose 5 rising stars “… women whose influence is rising and their continued success is likely to see them become candidates for the top 25 in the coming years”:

  • Kathryn Parson -  Co-founder of Decoded
  • Wendy Tan-White -  Co-founder of Moonfruit
  • Sarah Wood -  COO of Unruly Media
  • Angie Maguire -  Founder of Ladies Who Code
  • Zoe Cunningham – Managing Director of Softwire

Congratulations to them all!

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