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Nominet has now issued  it’s 2.0 consultation on the “evolving” .uk domain space.

Here are the main links (the documents appeared a little before 4pm today):

  1. Press release
  2. News release
  3. CONSULTATION – Background Document
  4. CONSULTATION  Document
  5. Online Consultation Document
  6. Three Round table meetings to be held for stakeholders on 10, 15,  and 22 July in Central London, Durban and Central London again. Yes that’s correct Durban! Use the link to register.

The consultation opens today and closes  on  September 23rd.

As in any public consultation “The silent majority gets what it deserves, … ignored1” we therefore encourage all stakeholders, including specifically the business community and more widely the whole internet community to respond. That includes the nearly 10.5 million domain owners (10,492,669) registrants on Nominet’s register at the end of April (of whom around 4 million are businesses) and the 43.5 million UK internet users at March (per The Office for National Statistics  )

The proposals, if they proceed, are, probably, the greatest single change to the UK internet ever envisaged.

Responses to the last consultation, at the beginning of this year, on numbered around 800 which is less than .01%  of all .UK domain name owners – THAT WAS PATHETIC!

With, hopefully, much more effective communication by Nominet achieving wide public debate at least thousands of interested and impacted businesses and individuals will express their views for Nominet to consider.  

Our instant summary of the proposals will follow.

Our instant opinion will also follow but we are sure there will be  room for improvement in particular to ensure the protection of existing business domain name owners. We also already have concerns about Nominet’s communication intentions – a stakeholder meeting to be held in Durban deserves little acclamation!

On the plus side the Consultation document and Background information appear to be a lot more balanced and professional than the previous consultation on this subject.

“The silent majority gets what it deserves, ignored”1 credit to Philip Vigo of Computer Weekly.

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