Two thirds Worldwide eCommerce sales generated by Four Countries

eMarketer have just come up with their latest forecasts of business to consumer (B2C) ecommerce worldwide sales.

The headlines are “ Sales to top $1.2 trillion” and “Emerging Markets Drive Sales Higher” but we can’t help but notice the sheer dominance of the top 4 countries which we have selected on the basis of achieving a minimum of $100 billion sales per annum at some stage during the forecast timeframe which goes up to 2016.

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China’s growth rate is impressive in absolute terms but it really is just achieving a level approximately compatible with its population..

The UK leads the per capita figures amongst the four majors.

The $’s per capita on the 2013 figures we calculate as being:

  1. UK – $1,565
  2. US -  $1,248
  3. Japan – $931
  4. China – $135

These compare to a worldwide average of $172.

 In growth rate terms eMarketer sees worldwide rates virtually halving between 2011 and 2016 reducing from 23.3% to 11.0%. This year the rate is 17.1% with the mature North American and European markets at 12.5% and 14% whereas the African and Middle East Markets at 31% together with Asia Pacific at 23.1% lead the way.

Much more in the eMarketer article.

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