Trifecta of Techs in Top Ten Table

 Incite have just released this years Innovation League Table.

Depending on how you classify Tech companies there are at least 8 and possibly 9 in the top 10.

Incite Innovation League Table 2013
2013 2011
Apple 1 1
Samsung 2 5
Sony 3 2
Microsoft 4 3
Dyson 5 4
Google 6 8
Virgin 7 6
Amazon 8 9
Panasonic 9 11
LG 10 16
Source: Incite


We don’t categorise Dyson or Panasonic as Tech companies but do count Amazon. They count Dyson & Panasonic but not Amazon who they include in their Retail sector. Elsewhere at number 40 in the top 100 eBay is classified as Retail/Tech. It’s all in the eye (I?) of the beholder really!

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“Incite Surveyed 3,000 UK consumers both unprompted and then based on over 500 popular brands to rank their perceptions of the UK’s most innovative brands. For the first time since its inception, the study also measured the degree of perceived innovation in marketing communications to investigate consumer attitudes towards what makes a brand innovative and how this relates to its overall perception.”

Interestingly their overall calibration of the “… effect of channels driving innovation” finds that websites still come out on top and the Tech sector outcome also surprised although definitions may have influenced the outcome!

Overall Tech
Websites  35% 25%
Traditional advertising channels 29% 28%
Social Networking 21% 27%
In-store advertising 9% 11%
Sponsorship 7% 9%
Source: Incite


Incite conclude that “ The brands at the top of the Innovation League Table score highly because they apply the trifecta of innovation drivers” These the reckon are Good Products, Comms/Branding and Leadership.

Their sample of consumers scored their Tech companies Leadership at 61% Good Products 24% and  Comms/Branding at 15%

Much more in their report available on registration

It would not surprise us greatly if Samsung came out on top next go round – We shall see!


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