Cross Cultural Mobile Usage

Some rather interesting by-products of current research by Xad /Telmetrics in collaboration with Nielsen. The UK study is the 2013 Mobile Path to Purchase study and covers in particular Restaurant Auto and Travel usage activities undertaken via smartphones and tablets.

Corresponding research has been undertaken in the US and a section on the differences has been included which we found rather interesting.

Overall it could be said that over here we use our mobiles less “on the go” are slower to make decisions and have little expectations of distance!

The first finding concerns the location of mobile devices usage and highlights remarkably the greater “on the go” usage in the US for both Smartphones & Tablets. The corresponding increase is primarily in home usage.

“On the go” mobile device usage
Car 11% 41%
Outside 14% 7%
Smartphone 25% 48%
Car 3% 9%
Outside 2% 3%
Tablet 5% 12%
Source: XAd/Telmetrics, Mobile Path to Purchase

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The second finding, sort of, shows we take longer to make decisions!

Decision speeds – Smartphones & Tablets
Immediately 12% 30%
Within an hour 22% 34%
Restaurants 34% 64%
Immediately 8% 20%
Within an hour 7% 16%
Auto 15% 36%
Immediately 10% 11%
Within an hour 7% 9%
Travel 17% 20%
Source: Xad/Telmetrics, Mobile Path to Purchase

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The third finding maybe shows that we walk more to restaurants than do our US counterparts!

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Interesting comparisons which we may track in the future to see how they progress.

Full research available in exchange for your details at the Mobile Path to Purchase site

“This study was first run in the U.S. in 2012, with the U.K. study following in early 2013.

This study combines online survey data from 2,000 U.K. tablet and smartphone users, as well as actual observed behaviours from Nielsen’s Smartphone Analytics Panel of 2,000 Android users – each group reporting they had engaged in activity related to Restaurants, Travel, or Automotive information in the past 30 days.

“Respondent totals are as follows (none of which are mutually exclusive):

  • Smartphone owners: 1,455
  • Tablet owners: 1,179
  • Restaurant users: 1,079
  • Travel users: 1,134
  • Automotive users: 524”

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