Keep an I on our Week (Spidercam edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Nominet’s evolving 2 
  2. Internet Retail Salkes at 10% again continuing double digit growth
  3. The Online Digital Mass Transit System 

This years Tech Rich List continues to attract quite a lot of attention

Our header graphic comes from the semi final of the ICC Champions Trophy match at the Oval Cricket ground earlier this week.

They, in our view, are a valuable addition to any event for the attendees as when an inevitable lull in the action takes place they provide an additional spectacle.

The Spidercam®  is an Austrian invention dating back to 2000 and the whole device is about the same height as an average person. They weigh about 60 kg (130 lbs) and can travel at up to 8 metres a second that’s we reckon about 18mph! They sell apparently for nearer $1 million than half that and can be rented for some $20,000 a day or part thereof.

As a spydercam they are brilliant being able to home in on injuries and the like from very close quarters. We think that certain events eg The Proms at the Royal Albert Hall could be an ideal venue for the cam as long as it doesn’t lead to increased ticket prices or licence fees!

Tomorrow you can experience one at the ICC Champions Trophy Final at Edgbaston between England and India on Sky Sports starting (weather permitting ) at 10.30 am.

Much more info on Spidercam GmbH’s website.

We’ll leave you with their rather impressive latest demoreel

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