The Online Digital Mass Transit System

Gartner have just produced an interesting, if rather complex, Digital Marketing Transit Map.

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You can download the Infographic (pdf) or a png file to peruse BUT we strongly recommend a visit to the Interactive Version where you can select the various tracks individually, and also get some additional travel advice about each track and neighbourhood.





Simply as an example here’s the Social Line

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  • On the comprehensive map there are a dozen tracks:
  1. Ad Technology
  2. Analytics
  3. Creative
  4. Commerce
  5. Emerging Technologies (Under construction)
  6. Marketing Management
  7. Mobile
  8. Real Time Data
  9. Search
  10. Social
  11. Strategy
  12. User Experience (UX)
  • seven neighbourhoods:
  1. Ad Ops
  2. Data Ops
  3. Design
  4. Marketing Ops
  5. Mobility
  6. Social Ops
  7. Web Ops
  • five Off-Line (or maybe Main line!) Connections:
  1. BI (Business Intelligence)
  2. CMO
  3. General Advertising
  4. IT
  5. Sales & Service
  • and two station categories:
  1. Product
  2. Vendor

The potentially busiest Vendor Station is Digital Agencies where five tracks can collect and deposit travellers!

Emerging Technologies and Mobile are loop lines!

Apart from the loop lines Analytics looks to be one with most mileage!

“The Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map shows the relationships among business functions, application services and solution providers. Use it to create a digital marketing solutions strategy, improve operations and plan initiatives.”

“The overall layout of the transit map is structured as follows:

  •  To the south are the “business districts” that connect with other parts of the organization: IT, sales and service, general marketing, business intelligence and general advertising, which is often outsourced to agencies.
  • The stop in the center, labeled “digital marketing hub,” is the central station where all of the functions converge.
  • In the northwest are services aimed at awareness and traffic: advertising and search.
  • In the northeast are services concerned with engagement quality: creative and user experience.
  • Due north are services concerned with engagement quality: creative and user experience.
  •  Mobile and emerging technology loops indicate that they touch all other categories. The broken line representing emerging technology indicates areas under construction.”

Gartner are also inviting you all to a webinar on June 20 Making Sense of the Digital Marketing Landscape

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