The A-Z of this weeks Smartphones

Well sort of!

Today, imminently (at 1pm) we have Huwaeis theatrical event at The Roundhouse announcing their Ascend P6 – so there’s the A.

Two ex HTC UK executives have announced the KAZAM start up so that’s the Z. They are Michael Coombes, exs head of sales at HTC UK, and James Atkins, previously head of marketing in the UK They have their .mobi website  where you can express an interest and according to their releases and some inspired guesswork it looks like another android device with ” … stunning design, robust hardware, and intuitive technology, underpinned with improved customer service.” The customer service is rumoured to be some increased aftercare possibly providing regular operating system updates.

Kazam  looks to be at least initially concentrating on the European Market possibly from later this year. Huwaei will initially introduce it later this month in China and in the UK form July.

We sort of like the Kazam name because it’s a little different but looks as if both the the .com  and twitter account  are in other (rather secure in twitters case) hands.

We have from a historic project inherited both the the website and twitter account for emoad which we thought was a rather interesting name so if anyone is interested get in touch! That could be the E bit of Z!

We’ll leave you with Huawei’s teaser, slightly menacing, video and may report back on the event device if we are uber impressed with the P6! Apparently it’s very thin!

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