Keep an I on our Week (Sports edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1.  How Where and on What do we Consume our audio
  2. What Percentage of Marketing is B.S.?  
  3. Tablette Cafes Nook discounts and Apple’s wwdc 

This years Tech Rich List still attracts many inquisitors

Lots of sporting activities taking place this weekend and we were surprised to hear that the venue for the USGA US Open Golf Championship the Merion Golf Course in Pennsylvania started out life as a … cricket club nearly 150 years ago (1865).

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Virgin Media unveiled this week a rather complex, we thought, TV Hotlist which, sort of, ranks programmes not only on viewing but also has a social element. For May the top 10 were:

  • 1=   The Graham Norton Show
  • 1=   Britain’s Got Talent
  • 3=   Doctor Who
  • 3=   FA Cup Final
  • 5=   The Voice UK
  • 5=   Eurovision Song Contest
  • 7     The British Academy Television Awards
  • 8     MasterChef
  • 9=  The Ice Cream Girls
  • 9=  The Apprentice
  • 9=  The British Soap Awards

 We’ll let you struggle with their infographic

The Apple worldwide developers conference last week didn’t really come up with any show stoppers or share propellers and there was almost collective unsurprise on the commentator front although one commentator thought it showed “Apple doing what it does best“. iTunes Radio is only currently available in the USA which is a disappointment.

We’ll leave you with CNET’s video roundup

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