Mobile internet not dominating digital ad revenues

eMarketer have compiled some rather interesting global digital net advertising revenue figures by company for 2011 and 2012 with a forecast for this year. They have also identified the net mobile internet element.

Our graph attempts to get the mobile spend into some perspective. Although we describe the total digital less mobile internet revenues as fixed it may well contain certain other digital revenues.

Having qualified it we are somewhat surprised that the mobile element is not forecast to take a greater share of the total revenues as it is … the future!

Google of course dominates both categories with 31.5% of the overall digital market and an impressive 52.4% of the mobile revenues last year. Looking at the trend of what we are calling fixed revenues as a % of total these drop from 99.5% in 2011 to 77.2% by 2013.

Next in line is Facebook with a mere 4.1% of the overall figure and 5.3% on the mobile side last year. Their trend of fixed as a percentage of total drops from 100% (2011) to 66.4% (2013).

No mobile revenues are identified by eMarketer for the next five major ad carriers (Yahoo!, Microsoft, IAC , AOL and Amazon) so we really are down to the comparative minnows with Pandora and Twitter who whilst they carry less than 1% of the overall market by 2013 mobile accounts for more than 50% of their total revenues.

Finally there is Millenial Media  who whilst small generate all their revenues from mobile.

We think Google, yet again are leading the way and the other majors will have to follow in the mobile age! We also think that it’s likely that there will be many new Millenial Media type companies appearing no doubt followed by some market rationalisation along the way!

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