What percentage of Marketing is B.S?

That’s the global figure, by region it breaks down as follows:

  • EU (France, Germany & the UK ) – 47%
  • US – 53%
  • APAC (Australia, Japan & South Korea) – 35%

This is according to Adobe’s latest look at whether Marketers are missing the mark. To give it its full title their global study is “Click here: The State of Online Marketing” (pdf)

The perception by consumers of their ad/media views and preferences is rather interesting we thought both globally and differentially by region.

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Adobe titled this page ”The hard sell doesn’t work: globally. Consumers want to be told a story and to be engaged” and they had highlighted the following three responses:

  • Advertisements Should Tell A Unique Story, Not Just Try To Sell
  • Most Marketing Is A Bunch Of B.S.
  • Online Advertising Isn’t Effective

We’ve ranked the top 10 answers for comparative purposes.

Some of the differentials are logically explicable eg the US ranking of  Major Sports/TV Event  Is The Best Advertising Opportunity Of The Year” ie the Super Bowl which is not replicated in either the EU or APAC regions.

We thought several of the others were less explicable but equally interesting. Both the EU and APAC regions rank “Television Commercials are More Effective Than Online Advertising” in the top 2 positions whereas it’s at # 5 in the US .

The EU ranks “Beautiful Advertising Is More Effective” at # 3 whereas it only just creeps into the US top 10.  

Apparently “Advertising Works Better On Women Rather Than Men” to a greater extent in the EU than elsewhere although with even and representative samples being used in each of the countries we are at a bit of a loss in understanding how the global figure exceeds each of the three regions by quite a margin!

Lots more interesting findings in the full study and some comments over at their Digital Europe Blog

We’ll leave you with their impressive little video!

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