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Weve is a joint venture between the UK’s three largest mobile network operators (MNOs) – EE, Telefonica UK (O2) and Vodafone UK. Between them, they represent over 80% of UK mobile customers, a user base unmatched by any single handset vendor or technology company.

The joint venture was formed by the three shareholders to create and accelerate the development of mobile marketing and wallet services in the UK. Through Weve, they have created the ability for advertisers, retailers, banks and many other organisations to connect to a large-scale mobile commerce platform via a consistent set of technologies and standards, without having to duplicate effort.”

Weve’s CEO David Sear has been talking to the Financial Times about their plans to target their 17 million UK customers with adverts this upcoming summer. Rather than the traditional “spray and pay” or shotgun approach a tightly targeted rifle shot attack is envisaged.

Their Mobile Marketing Messages methodology they explain as follows:

  • WeTarget
  • WeWatch
  • WeDiscover
  • WeLocate
  • WeSend

With the associated icons in our header!

Their overall objective is to deliver “… a complete, fully integrated mobile experience for businesses and their customers, based on five key components – Media, Incentives, Loyalty, Transactions and Data Analytics, all linked together in a uniquely effective circle.”

Here’s their circle:

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The Mobile wallet element they are hoping to introduce by the end of next year and David Sear told the FT “… that an agreement with the UK’s major banks should be reached in the next few months, which would enable Weve to offer a service to consolidate the fragmented market for mobile payment schemes in the UK. It aims to have a banking service accessible to half the UK debt card market by the end of next year.”

The FT says “He believes that Weve can surmount some of the obstacles that have slowed progress by building a single platform across three of the four UK networks, with most smartphones adopting the NFC technology needed for contactless payments. He says that the timing is right, given that the technology that facilitates mobile payments has been integrated into most new smartphones as well as into point of sale payment equipment in about 250,000 retailers and coffee shops across the UK.”

Now that could be something worth waiting for!

Following the first FT article  there are certain critical comments about the upcoming advertising “bombardment” and the opt in/out which we do not share as we regard advertising as a fact of internet life! The second article is currently commentless possibly as it concentrates on the payment angle to a greater extent!

Sources: Weve, The Financial Times

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