Keep an I on our Week (Summertime edition)

t was a bit of a LeWeb London  week but our other top articles were:

  1. Smartphones Galore
  2. Half a million sterling for four British non-profits  
  3. Get your Mobile devices on the Global Radar Network  

This years Tech Rich List continues to demand attention.

Fathers Day looms (June 16 both here and over there together with another 73 ish countries) and Amazon UK have a short, 3 days left offer on their Kindle tablets and no doubt others will follow.


We recently came across Parkopedia  who operate in 40 countries around the world and our initial impressions are favourable worth at least a look and likely a download of their app.

We’ll leave you with some Summertime!

Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – Summertime by kamatrikero

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