Get your mobile devices on the global radar network

Netradar  of Finland have got an app together which lets you, and the rest of the world, measure and then share the speed/quality of your/their mobile devices connection. It sort of, roams with the device and then collates, anonymously all the device info on a patchwork colour coded (green is good red is bad!) map. It’s available for Android, iOS, Meego, Symbian and Windows Phone.

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It’s early days (in fact today is their global launch day) and London is fairly patchy but unsurprisingly the Helsinki area is almost a completed quilt!

You also get a very localised results version for your & other devices which when it builds up should be very interesting.


It measures:

  • Location from GPS, network or WLAN
  • Download and upload speeds
  • Latency
  • Manufacturer, model, operating system and version
  • Network and subscriber operator
  • Signal strength
  • Base station
  • Mobile technology, such as UMTS, HSPA
  • IP address and transport ports, both public and private
  • Timestamp
  • Stance from the accelerometers

The purpose of the app/system is not only to provide individually useful information but also by crowdsourcing  the data they aim to create a global map of mobile Internet networks.

Download from:

The app/systems have been developed by the Department of Communications and Networking at Aalto University in Helsinki,

We’ll leave you with project leader Jukka Manner’s runover of the app/system.

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