Tomorrows Internet Starts Here

CISCO have released some more exceptionally comprehensive research as part of their Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast.

In addition to the headline grabbing “Half the globe to have internet by 2017” you can access on their site both regional and about 19 countries, including the UK’s, data.

We’ve extracted a few of the figures and come up with some of our own calculations on devices per internet user rather than their preferred devices per capita.

So bottom lining it here in the UK by 2017 each of us connected users will have another 3 connected devices. And of the total nine 3 will be mobile so that’s your smartphone tablet and one other, possibly wearable!

Some of the Global figures are staggering eg imagine 10.4 billion mobile devices. If you laid these out end to end they would go from here to … a long way away!

(NB at say an average length of  6 inches we reckon they would stretch just under 1 million miles or to the moon and back TWICE!)


We’ll leave you with CISCO’s animated video of their Global data.

Much much more (particularily on the data front) in and from their press release.

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