UK 2nd Worldwide for Public Wi-Fi Locations

JiWire’s Mobile Audience Insights Report provides quarterly country rankings for publicly available WI-Fi locations.


Looking back in time from their initial report back in 2009 we have progressed from position 5 at the end of 2010 to the number 1 spot in Q1 2011 which we held for 18 month before being passed by South Korea.

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Comparing our total to their worldwide figures our calculator figures that we possess some 22% of the total locations.

JiWire report that the worldwide free/paid split at Q1 2013 is 21.9% /78.1% whereas in the US it is 81.7%/19.3%.

Much more to peruse in their Insights which are all available on registration – there’s a special UK report in Q2 of 2011

The basis of their reports they give as:

“JiWire’s Mobile Audience Insights Report is based on data compiled from three sources: a survey of more than 1,300 randomly selected customers across JiWire’s combined Wi-Fi and mobile advertising platform. The report is based on data collected from March 2013. Quarterly public Wi-Fi location rankings and business model distributions are based on the final day of the quarter.”

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