You may as well DIY online

According to some research from Sirportly (the “ultimate helpdesk solution” providers) the major UK DIY companies are screwing it up online!

So B & Q – with its iconic domain   Homebase -  and Wikes  “Its got our name on it”  are not keeping their customers satisfied.

Bottom of the ladder comes B & Q with a Net Promoter Scores {NPS – a measure of their consumer advocacy online – rated between – (100) to +100} of (70). Next up is Homebase at (20) and whilst not on the top step but above the others is Wikes at +20.

This NPS score follows investigation of the retailers websites to see how they look after their customers and reviews of their comments on Google Twitter and Facebook.

Sirportly’s analysis of customer comments was at best unflattering to each of the retailers:

  • “Little positive to say about the retailer and were particularly vitriolic about the online buying experience” for B & Q
  • “Some customers said the in-store experience was good but the majority … suggest the quality of customer service leaves a lot to be desired” for Homebase
  • “Although there were some positive comments about shopping in-store, customers complained about the online service” for Wikes

They all offer store locators, online services,  customer support and use Facebook Twitter and YouTube. Whilst B & Q and Homebase have mobile apps Wikes appears not to which we think will likely lose them customers.

Our selection of customer comments from Sirportly’s trawl are:



  • “When I got to store the price was 25% more. I was told that is the price you have to pay, even though it was still the original price online which I showed the staff on my phone while in store. I won’t be using the online service again” B & Q
  •  “When you say ‘recognised’ for customer service, does that mean your shockingly diabolical customer service” Homebase
  • “Save yourself a lot of grief and shop anywhere other than Wickes.”


We from a very casual review find all the sites (a bit like their retail outlets) somewhat cluttered! It also appears to be obligatory to have discounts or sales reductions featuring prominently. We’ve only used the B & Q one in anger and in general found it much less informative on the product front than Amazon!

We’ll leave the last word to Adam Cooke, founder of Sirportly, “DIY retailers have a great opportunity to improve the customer experience both online and in-store using the internet” and so say all of us!

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