European PC sales plummet and may already have been overtaken by tablets

Gartner  yesterday reported that Western European PC unit shipments fell by over 20% in the first quarter.

In vendor terms only Apple and Lenovo showed growth. Acer were down a staggering 37% followed by HP down 32%.

Of the three reported countries (France, Germany and the UK) France tumbled the most being down by over 25%. Germany was down 20.3% and the UK 16%.

Gartner comment “The first quarter of 2013 brought the worst quarterly decline in Western Europe since Gartner started tracking PC shipments in this region,”

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We previously mentioned that on a global basis tablets may overtake PCs in shipment terms next year.

It may have happened already in Europe!

Futuresource reported that quarter 4 2012 tablet shipments in Europe were 15.9 million and for the year 35.4 million.


Whilst it’s apples and oranges the annual IDC reported global tablet shipments for 2012 were around 125 million so Europe could be about 28% of the global market.

IDC reported quarter 1 global tablet shipments as 49.2 million. So if Europe’s share was 28% this would be 13.8 million tablets which figure is some way ahead of Gartner’s reported PC shipment estimates of 12.3 million!

We shall see!   

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