Google Hear and Google Things!

Google kick off their three day developers conference today at the Moscone Center in San Francisco

It starts at 5pm BST (9am PST) and keynotes and much more is live streamed.

Todays Keynote & Android sessions should appear here:

After last years blockbusting Google Glass Skydivers many expect a rather lower key event this year. We’re not so sure there has to be some eyecatcher!

Rumoured happenings are:

  • Updated Nexus Tablets definitely 7 and possibly the 10 or even an 11!
  • Possibly an x phone form the Motorola Mobility stable.
  • The next alphabetically following android operating system update either Key Lime Pie 5.0 or just a rejuvinated  Jelly Bean 4.3.
  • A sort of Google Spotify on the music streaming front – Google Hear is our working name ‘cos Google Play is already taken and Google Listen may not warrant a  ressurection!
  • YouTube have already announced their pay Channels but there may be more from this source.
  • Perhaps further developments on a personal assistant front?
  • The Internet of Things (IOT) will also likely feature at some stage – Google Things has a certain ring to it!
  • The Cloud will also get more than a passing mention!
  • We do NOT think it will introduce its own currency to rival Amazon Coins although Google Bills has a certain “je ne sais quoi”!

We shall see and may report back later with some highlights

We’ll leave you with last years show stopper:

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