Mother Hip Hop and the Eastenders Tech community

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Some rather interesting  research and an article from Dylan Williams a partner and chief strategy officer at Mother Advertising.

They carried out a survey last week of the local (Silicon Roundabout) tech community and got 114 responses to each of their three questions aimed at assessing whether marketers are welcome.

Here are the results in full (with a little rounding). So by & large a positive response and Mother is generally pleased and comments “Marketers are not dismissed as simply another source of finance and connections. This generation of entrepreneurs is keen to learn as much as possible. And they’ve spotted at least some of the ways in which marketers can provide that learning. A better understanding of branding and intangible asset value would of course be of huge benefit to young companies, as nearly 40% of respondents recognized.”

But they go on to extol the virtues of closer cooperation and engagement “Marketers need to approach East London’s tech cluster looking to strike up relationships that work for mutual benefit. Relationships based on an ongoing exchange of ideas that maximise both companies’ knowledge stocks.”

It looks as if Mother are at the forefront in this locale being a major partner in MiniBar Labs  and running experimental events at the Trampery in Shoreditch. Mother at the Trampery  which someone has aptly retitled Mampery!

The article in Marketing kicks off with a rather good runover of the “East End Hub” which is worth reading

Oh & the Hip Hop connection is the updating of the  original 1986 question  “What do marketers need to understand about approaching the NY Hip Hop community?” to “What do marketers need to understand about approaching East London’s tech cluster?”

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