Digital differences US & UK small businesses

The newish Yell rebranded hibu (pronounced of course high-boo) had a couple of comparable press releases last week in the UK and the USA  promoting the launch of the new “hibu business store”.

There are the obvious differences in the English, currencies and terms between their two sites but, as far as we are concerned happily, they appear to be mirror images of one another.

They got together some research and statistics re the releases which, we thought, showed some  marginal but interesting differences between the two countries.

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So we have less small businesses with websites and are less happy with the ones we’ve got. They are less mobile optimised and we search less locally.

On the number of small businesses hibu quote the U.S. Small Business Administration  figure of 28 million which comes from a census bureau publication of September 2012.

We found a possibly comparable UK figure on the BIS site which date wise is as at the beginning of 2012 (the statistics are apparently published in October each year relating to the beginning of the year). They increased by around 250,000 between Jan 2011 and 2012 in total.

So we have 4.8 million ish which proportionate to population is likely somewhat lower than the US. The population numbers are roughly 5:1  (USA – 311.6 million UK 62.6 million) but the small businesses are nearer 6:1.

Our calculator says we need a further 800,000 to catch up maybe we need a separate Small Business department like the US one to encourage us all.

On the BIS table:

  • All employers category is the sum of all employers who have employees eg 1-9 + 10-49 etc etc
  • With no employees category is “… either i) sole proprietorships and partnerships comprising only the self-employed owner-manager(s), or ii) companies comprising only one employee director.”

Disclosure: We have no commercial relationships with hibu

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