Keep an I on our Week (Prom Booking Season edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Iceland Delivers
  2. Google Translate is 72
  3. Precise Location Location Location

Also this years Tech Rich List continues to attract many inquisitive visitors.

Over here you can now book your summer Proms at the most marvelous of venues the Royal Albert Hall. If you are still looking for tickets for the two Doctor Who concerts you may have to try elsewhere as they are already sold out. In these early hours the queue seems to decrease at between 50 and 80 a minute for planning purposes!


Over there and in about 82 other countries ranging from Anguilla to Zimbabwe it’s Mothers Day tomorrow. Nook were offering yet another range of discounts on their hardware but following an alleged approach from Microsoft to buy the division for $1 billion from Barnes & Noble they seem to have gone rather quiet!

Apple on the other hand are counting up not to Mothers Day but 50 billion app downloads which you could watch ahead of next weeks  Eurovision Song Contest!

We’ll leave you with Britain’s entry! Good luck! Certainly not a nul points-er!

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