7 inch tablets win the size battle!

Two further, widely differing, estimates of quarter 1 shipments appeared yesterday from Canalys and Digitimes.

The only recurring numerical trend in the majority of the estimates and our average, we can identify, is the figure 9 with Strategy Analytics being the exception! They currently compensate by being the closest to our average!

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Canalys bundle their mobile devices including Tablets Smartphones and Notebooks, and the total of 308.7  breaks down as follows (in millions):

  • Smartphones –  216.3
  • Netbooks – 50.5
  • Tablets – 41.9

Digitimes simply provide the figures so we’ve created our own little table and incorporated, as ever, a few deductions, primarily from their percentages.

The fascinating figures we think are the breakdown by screen sizes.

At 56% of their total this means that nearly 18 million 7’s were shipped. As the iPad (maxi) is likely virtually all of the 10’s this means that their 7’s came in at something like 13 million so we have a mini to maxi iPad scenario of 66.6% to 33.3% which is even higher than we imagined.

With Google, ala mainly Nexus 7, performing strongly in third place Appleinsider have news of a likely  upgrade coming out next week ahead of the rumoured iPad mini version 2 being delayed until the third quarter.

The tablet wars continue but the size battle, for now, seems to have been won by the 7!

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