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Mobile location advertising is increasingly moving from the, sort of, shotgun approach of geo targeting (ie at a post code level) to the rifle pin pointed geo-precise variety according to xAd one of the largest US mobile advertising companies.

“In fact, our latest Mobile Path to Purchase study, conducted in partnership with Nielsen and Telmetrics, showed that location relevance was a top factor in delivering ads that mobile consumers not only noticed – but clicked on for more information.”

They see advertisers aiming to find “the ideal moment in time” to catch the consumer. Their stats are based on their own network (over 100 million mobile users monthly {source: comScore MobiLens, November 2012}) and campaign info gathered from over 200 brand campaigns in the last quarter.

The Year on Year data for national brand campaigns shows the scale of change. In the seasonal quarter 4 of 2012 the geo-precision proportion was the highest they had ever recorded at a staggering 81% although it of course was heavily influenced by the spendfest activities and specific time sensitive campaigns from Black Friday onwards.

“Run of Network (RON) – refers to campaigns that do not require any specific type of location targeting. Instead, these campaigns solely rely on targeting methods such as demo or content targeting, etc”

The top 3 mobile ad categories in the latest quarter were:

  1. Financial Services / Insurance
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Restaurants

Compared to 2012 overall there’s not much change with the top 2 swapping places and Travel dropping out.

Interestingly 5 of the top 10 cities in the last quarter targeted for mobile advertising are in the South (three in Texas, Houston – #1, San Antonio- #7 and Dallas – #9) together with Miami – #5 and Atlanta – #10. The reason is quite straightforward “….the latest comScore numbers (MobiLens Audience Profile Report, February 2013, 3 mo. average) the South region currently makes up the largest portion of smartphone users (38%) followed by the West (23%). In fact, two of the top three markets by smartphone penetration are in Texas – Houston with nearly 70% of mobile users with a Smartphone followed by Dallas at 67% Smartphone.” The South also has the largest proportion of tablet users (37.3%).

A nice little report which can be downloaded on registration.

Here’s a little bit more about xAd

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