Digital books market grows at 66% as Nook discounts its eReaders by 48%

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The Book Publishers Association have today published their Annual Statistics Yearbook 2012.

We have generated our graphics with some additional help from them. Their digital* statistics go back as far as 2008, and “… earlier yearbooks only refer to physical books.” The figures are restated each year so may not correspond with previous years releases.

Fascinating reading, so as to speak. As is abundantly clear physical books are flatlining at about £3 billion per year whilst the overall market is growing at about a compound annual growth rate of some 1.5% entirely generated by digital.

Digital grew last year at 66% (51%) and now represents 8% (5%) of total sales. The digital compound annual growth rate we calculate as being a very impressive 42.5%. If it continued at that rate it would overtake physical book sales in 6 years time. We think it might do this within a decade but that physical will likely decline from its current levels.

At very much of an overview level the pattern, unsurprisingly is not dissimilar to retail sales with the added disruption of continuing device introductions from eReaders to tablets.

Talking of which we were amazed by the extent of Nook’s discounting yesterday of their eReaders (48%) and tablets (21%) in the UK.

  •  The Simple Touch eReader is down by £50 from £79 to £29 (63%)
  • ·The Glowlight is down by £40 from £109 to £69 (37%)
  •  Their HD 7inch tablet now starts at £129 down from £159 (19%)
  • The HD+ 9 inch tablet now starts at £179 down from £229 (22%)

So on a one off, of each basis, the saving would be £170 on £576 that’s 30% WOW.

It is linked to the  Get London Reading” project  and is stated to be for a limited time only

It would appear to us to be an ideal time to buy the entry level reader for £20 it’s “.. available throughout major UK retailers including Argos, ASDA, Blackwell’s, Foyles, Currys and PC World, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Very, as well as

* Digital formats, per The Publishers Association encompass ebooks, audiobooks downloads and online subscriptions. All sales figures include exports.

Disclosure: We have no commercial arrangements with Barnes & Noble

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