Is there a Run-a-something winner of the Internet Awards?


The 29 strong shortlist for Nominet‘s Internet Awards 2013 were announced yesterday and we’ve initially analysed the domain names that appear (TLD’s).

The results are as follows:

  1. Deservedly in this position is with 31%
  2. A close runner up is at 24%
  3. The podium, unfortunately is joined by the ubiquitous .com with 20%

Overall just under 2/3 of the shortlist have a .uk but that of course means that more than 1/3 don’t!

Here’s the shortlist by category:  

Innovative Internet Business Online Skills and training Doing good online
4Networking  Enterprise Education Trust   Age UK
My Mummy made it Ltd The Dementia Centre Virtual Care Home Global Giving UK
Signable Listening Books Guess 2 Give
Simple Shop Brightside Online Mentoring Pennies
Trademark Direct BrainPOP UK Selfless
Connect <> Lockleaze V-inspired
Making the Internet Safer Digital innovation in Public services
BBC – Share Take Care   G-Cloud with Skyscape
Business Crime Reduction Centre   Lambeth Library Challenge
Internet Watch Foundation Online Watch Link (OWL)
Oii My Size Run a Club
Online Compass School Guide
Safer Internet Day 2013 UK Online Centres


We’ve had a very superficial and entirely subjective look at the candidates and our top five (one from each category) would be:

  • Innovative Internet Business - Simple Shop (bright idea & local)
  • Online Skills and training – BrainPOP UK (lovely name & sound effects!)
  • Making the Internet Safer – Business Crime Reduction Centre (All very neat and tidy)
  • Doing good online – Pennies (expansion of a tried and successful concept)
  • Digital innovation in Public services – Run a Club (nice concept & looks uber practical and pretty!)

Our top three would be Simple Shop, BrainPOP UK and Run a Club., with the brains just edging out  the shoppers & clubbers!

We were rather disappointed:

  • A – That none of the Public Services sites appeared to be umbrellaed under
  • B – That BOOKMARK Your Library didn’t appear (but we don’t know the rules etc etc)

Both individuals and businesses can apparently, sort of vote, both on the website or on twitter with the hashtag #nia2013. We may come back with some suggested abbreviations for the names a little later.

The results will be announced and a shindig is taking place at The British Library on July 4.

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