The iDisappear Act

Increasingly various apps and systems are appearing which disappear your messages and attachments! These range through virtually all media forms including text, photos, videos, voice messages etc etc.

Some of the available systems / apps are:

 efemr seems to be of French origin and is a Lean Startup Their app uses a simple hashtag system of #xm or #xh where x is a number and m=minutes and h= hours used to nominate a deletion timescale. It appears that it may still be possible to view at least certain retweets etc particularly on the older Twitter apps.

Gryphn is a secure text messaging system for Android with a destruct option. It also includes videos and pictures.  

Poke is a Facebook iPhone app system introduced by them at the end of last year. A viewing limit is set in seconds (1,3,5 or 10) for recipients.

Snapchat arguably is the most well known app (on both iOS and Android) and was developed by 4 Stamford students and was launched back in 2011 There’s a 10 second destruct scenario again. They even have a very detailed parents guide!

Wikr was founded “by a team of security and privacy experts” and says it has “military-grade encryption of text, picture, audio and video messages with sender-based control over who can read messages, where and for how long.” iPhone / iOS availability only at present.

We can forsee commercial (eg both privacy and promotional) uses for these facilities as well as the obvious personal ones.

Surprised no one has come up with a system or an app called iDisappear 

We’ll leave you with a Snapchatter video which hopefully will not self destruct!

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