Keep an I on our week (Hello Indigo edition)


 Our top three articles this week were:

  1. The Tech Rich List 2013
  2. Smart outships Feature in Q1
  3. Apple Revenues may Flatline for the first time since 2003

We also as usual covered Apple’s latest quarters results in some detail

At Easter we mentioned the  ubiquitous personal assistant Indigo and it’s arrival in the not too distant future.

Well it’s here and freely available now for Android phones and tablets (OS V4 upwards) Windows Phone 8 and Desktop/Laptop devices (Safari, IE or Chrome browsers).


Get the app and/or info from:

Initial impressions from the video are favourable and we will start using it over the weekend and possibly report back later with a more “hands on“ opinion after we’ve run it for a few weeks.

Its primarily voice based and, sort of, has its own mini ecosystem in that it is obviously cloud based and available on any internet connected device hence switching across your smartphone, tablet and desktop/laptop.

While the video is 10 minutes worth, it comes recommended due to its featurefullness!

We’re off now to find a more appropriately coloured header graphic possibly some indigobells! Only limited success as it appears that the English bluebell season is as retarded as the asparagus one!

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