A Digital Delight from Deloitte!

CLICK to access The Deloitte Consumer Media Survey 2013

Deloitte have just released the seventh annual edition of their research “Media Consumer Survey 2013 – Love in a cold climate”.

We will return with a few comments on the content a little later but initially would like to recommend a visit to their interactive version of the report which we found rather engaging.

There are six chapters in the study:

  • Digital Britain
  • Scatter cushion computing in action
  • Technology rides to the rescue again
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Paperbacks for the 21st Century
  • Video games

 In the interactive version each chapter has its own graphic with a clickable READ MORE facility which takes you to the relevant part of the pdf . Forward and back arrows take you to each of the six graphics. Where they have 2012 / 2011 buttons clicking those displays the relevant years information.

All in all rather neat we thought warranting another piece of alliteration to compete with their 3Ds “ a digital demographic divide”!

Now first the shocking news. This year smartphones were found to be used primarily to ……. make phone calls!

Here’s the 2012 (2011) order (from inspection!):

  1. Phone calls (2)
  2. Text messaging (1)
  3. Take still photos (6)
  4. Browse the web (4)
  5. Email reading (3)
  6. Email composing (7)
  7. Mobile online search (5)
  8. Play games (11)
  9. Listen to music (10)
  10. Updated social network page (8)
  11. Online banking (12)
  • Read news articles (9)

At an overall level the (YouGov) survey found that the average UK citizen owns 11.4 types of media devices, up from 9.7 in 2011.” Our individual count here currently (with no double counting) just gets us into double figures!

The growth rate (or lack of it) by selected devices we found interesting with six of the fifteen having negative growth, two zero growth and seven above the line!

  • Negatives were in descending order Desktops, DVDs, Laptops, Radios, Flat Panel TVs and Mobile Phones.
  • With sort of, no growth were Games Consoles and Portable Media players
  • Positive growth in ascending order were Smartphones, PVRs,  E-readers, Connected TV’s, Blu-ray players, Handheld games consoles and Tablets.

The only real surprise there, to us are the E-readers. We thought greater displacement/cannibalisation  by tablets was taking place. Perhaps that will become more apparent this year.

We do though agree with Benedict Evan’s presentsation we noted earlier this week that whereas TV’s are limited (by & large) to a total available market of household numbers (ie 25 million ish in the UK) virtually all the personal mobile devices have around double that market.

Much more to appreciate in the report – especially the interactive version.

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