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Last week the Press Gazette  held their second Mobile Conference News on the move with 150 ish participating digital journalists. It was hosted at Google’s London HQ and aimed “… to provide them (the journos!) with insight into making the most of the explosion in use of tablet computers ..”

Benedict Evans (Enders Analysis) gave the opening presentation which included we thought (as did the WSJ) a rather fine set of slides entitled “The Mobile Explosion”.

For our header graphic we’ve taken the liberty of highlighting certain of his narratives etc as it does convey rather neatly, we thought the differing Apple v’s Samsung business models.

These are the nine slides:

  1. Tablets and smartphones are already selling 4 x PCs
  2. Mobile devices fast catching up with the PC base
  3. Smartphone sales pass 50% of all phone sales, dominated by Apple and Android
  4. Apple has the high end, Samsung the mid-range
  5. Apple’s high-end positioning leads to disproportionate financials (our header)
  6. Pricing gap also leads to very different market share around the world
  7. Apple still dominates branded tablets (it seems)
  8. Total market remains speculative
  9. Self-selection pricing gap leads to obvious differences in the base

The conference was videod and appears at the end of our article.

A couple of points we noticed in particular from his presentation were (1) the likely 11 million current tablet owner/users in the UK and the possible total market of  double this or more as we aren’t, as with PC’s, largely talking about household numbers of say 25 million we’re talking about individuals.

Click to enlarge

To an extent Forrester in some recent European research confirm (or compound) this with the UK estimates for the number of connected devices owned by individuals:

  • ·       0 – 7%
  • ·       1 – 35%
  • ·       2 – 35%
  • ·       3+ -  23%

The average ownership is 1.8 devices.

They also noted our relatively high activity and that “The UK is the leading technology market in Europe. The UK not only has the highest percentage of consumers going online regularly but also leads in online shopping (including the highest average spend in the past three months) and the uptake of mobile activities. In fact, 10% of UK consumers with a mobile phone have used a shopping app in the past month.

The other point from the news presentation of particular interest to ourselves was (2) his estimate of 10 million iPad mini sales in the last quarter of 2012 which he based on an average selling price (ASP) analysis. We came up with a lower figure when we did this but we like the approach!  

Anyway here’s the video his section is from about 5 minutes in through 22.30 approx. Well worth watching.

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