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EPiSERVER   have just released their 2013 UK Mobile Commerce Study – Mobile  What consumers really want.

It consists of a consumer survey, conducted in February this year of 1,000 UK consumers followed by a benchmark study looking at the mobile sites and apps offered by a selection of 30 retailers from the IMRG Experian Hitwise Hot Shops List.

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The background is the increasing use of mobile devices in Commerce “Ofcom announced in December 2012 that smartphone penetration in the UK market had hit 58%, whilst 19% of British consumers are tablet owners. In addition to this, an average of over £1,000 per person is spent online.” More specifically within their survey there was a “… huge increase in tablet ownership. In late 2011, this figure was just 18%, but of the 1,000 mobile device owners surveyed this year, a huge 53% now own tablets and only 8% are tablet owners without smartphones.” They conclude that Mobile is the new standard for consuming content.

As part of their survey they, sort of confirmed others findings that smartphone usage predominates in the home!

The top 10 performing retailers, with their overall scores, were:

1 Debenhams – 91%

2= Expedia, Argos – 85%

4. Tesco – 80%

5. Amazon UK – 80%5

6. IKEA – 74%

7. ASOS – 72%

8= John Lewis, Topshop – 71%

10 ASDA – 68%

Interestingly Apple overall is ranked at 29th amongst the 30 reviewed retailers which must disappoint them and only gets into 19th place although our very own is in the top 5!

Their conclusion is that since their last report back in 2011 “…. retailers have really grasped the mobile opportunity and thought about the best approach to make the most of it. Looking into the future, we think companies will continue to step up their mobile game”

We can’t help repeating a fairly fundamental error unearthed by the study  concerning one of the retailers (unnamed) “One retailer in our benchmarking report had built a fully functional mobile site, but the user is not automatically redirected to it when visiting on a mobile device. So you would have to know the specific address of the mobile site in order to find it.” Hopefully a temporary situation!

Their seven steps to the perfect mobile strategy are:

  1. Mobile site first (then an app)
  2. Apply your desktop knowledge
  3. Speed matters
  4. Make searching easy
  5. Contextualise your content
  6. Help customers on the go
  7. Align the customer experience

An excellent study overall and it’s well worth downloading in return for your email address.

Overall Survey/Study Methodology

 “We selected 30 of the retailers from the IMRG Experian Hitwise Hot Shops List. We scored each using a range of criteria to provide an in-depth assessment of the mobile customer experience they offer consumers. The total points available to each retailer were 510 and this was then converted into a score out of 100%.


  • Does the company have a mobile-enabled website?
  •  Does this appear automatically on a mobile device?
  •  Does the company have an iPhone app?
  •  Does the company have an iPad app?
  •  Does the company have an Android app?


  • Is the site/app easy to use?
  •  Does it load quickly?
  •  Does the width of the screen fit the device?
  •  Does the page navigate up and down instead of left and right?
  •  Is essential information easy to find (e.g. customer service numbers)?
  •  Are a map and/or directions easy to find?
  •  Does it support zooming?
  •  Are text boxes and the amount of typing on the page kept to a minimum?
  •  Does it match the look and feel of the main site?
  •  Are the calls to action (buttons or links) large/clear enough to see on the screen?
  •  Does the mobile site give the option to switch to the normal (desktop) version of the site?

The consumer survey was conducted in February 2013. The results of answers to the questions were translated into percentage values.

 Each website and app in the benchmark study was analysed during February 2013. A weighting has been applied to the scores achieved by each retailer to award each one an overall score out of 510”.

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