Flippin Facebook Phone


Facebook introduced us to their Home phone group of apps yesterday and Mark Zuckerberg is suggesting we “flip that around” and find out what it “would feel like if our phones were designed around people not apps.”

Our instant view is that the idea is sound and potentially attractive to many of the billion or so  Facebook worldwide users but that the vast majority may have to wait some time before they can flip to Home!

For the Facebook–centric users it appears to be a powerful  wrap around or overlay for their android operating systems although ye olde faithful BBC has already unearthed some privacy fears!  They do though give an instant summary of the technology press’s views which appear to be a bit, on the one hand, and on the other hand

You will also be able to acquire a truly Facebook phone initially from HTC which has the Home app preinstalled under the Facebook Home Program.  This will likely extend in future across many suppliers but no news of either iOS or Blackberry versions.

It is also intended that it will in future be available on tablets but this is likely “in several months” time!

One of the main concerns seems to be how ads will impact Home. We, possibly unlike many others, are less concerned about this commercial angle as we accept it as a way of internet life.

The app will be available in the US from April 12 downloadable from Google Play for these phones:

  • HTC One X & HTC One X+
  • Samsung GALAXY S III and Samsung GALAXY Note II

The HTC First  preinstalled version carried initially by just AT&T is also available in the US from April 12 at $99.99 and can already be preordered.

On the UK availability front it looks like it will be “in the coming weeks” and/or “summer” for both the app and at least the First HTC preinstalled version in conjunction with EE.

We’ll leave you with the promotional video but you can choose to watch the full 40 minute presentation which we thought adequate rather than inspiring.

Facebook: News release / Home pages!

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