Mobile device Agnostics lean back and forward

.. but rarely lean to according to some recently published UK research from YuMe  and Decipher. Their report “Mobile and Device Advertising” (pdf)  concludes, in our words, that:

  • We have little screen preference (as between laptops, tablets and smartphones) for all content consumption.
  • In the more relaxed home environment (lean back) we will watch for longer and more often on tablets and laptops.
  • On the go (lean forward) we prefer our smartphone for shorter sessions and lighter content although at home it can and does convert to lean back mode.
  • Video (“Pre-roll1”) adverts are watched and reacted to much more than banner ads

The research was carried out initially online amongst 1025 mobile users then followed up with a panel of 305 and lastly 10 face to face interviews.

Along the way we thought there were some slightly unusual findings eg compared to the overall UK population their sample of smartphone or tablet owners are/have:

  1. More likely to be female than male (+2%)
  2. Above average household incomes (+ 22%)
  3. Above average household size (+28%)
  4. Less likely to live alone (-58%)
  5. Younger (18-24 +1%, 25-34 +10%, 35-44 +11%)
  6. From higher social grades (A +2%, B + 1% C1 +1%)

They start out with three hypotheses and conclude:

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UPDATE: Elsewhere we see that not totally dissimilar findings have been unearthed by Betsy Frank of Time Inc but the terminology differs with “me time”, “found time” and we of course have added “down time”!

Pre-roll1 ads are those thst proceed or interrupt a video!  

Lean to is a phrase we are using to indicate when no device is in use!

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