Keep an I on our weekend (Spring forward Easter Backup edition)

Our top couple of articles in this somewhat shortened week were: 

  1. UK E-commerce eTowns could see eGDP grow to 12.4% by 2016
  2. News Consumption in The early Mobile Age  

Preceding the coincidence of Easter Monday with All Fools Day, spring forward day (in the UK) is, believe it or not, World Backup Day so you are all encouraged to do the deed on Sunday to avoid being an April fool! Those 23 hours over here are going to  disappear rather rapidly!

Update April 1 – Amazing tracking by Google (analytics) of some visitors from on high to our site earlier today.

Before we give you your Easter surprises we thought we should introduce you to a  personal assistant who was launched last month and is called Indigo and who will soon be available across virtually all ecosystems. She is “.. the world’s first intelligent personal assistant app to offer consumers personalization and persistence across platforms and devices.” “She is the first step in our vision to move virtual personal assistants from merely a gimmick only offered with specific devices to one that helps across ecosystems, wherever technology and humans interact.”. is  Laurence Flynn’s recommendation and he should know as the CEO of the developing company Artificial Solutions. Why not register for updates to be amongst the first to know of it’s availability for your devices. In the meantime you can interrogate her at AskIndigo on Twitter. We wonder if the logo has any connection with the Third Eye? Just wondering due to our obsession with everything I!

Now then back to our Easter surprises/entertainment:


  • A couple of rather popular videos

We never owned an iPad







The Welsh Maradona (Part ii)


  1. Hi!
    Just a quick note to thank you for mentioning Indigo in your article! We appreciate it and are really looking forward to share Indigo with the world.

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